Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY Charm Bracelets...

Hello Darlings!!!

Of course it's been a while!! Story of this blogs LIFE!! haha Hope you are all enjoying your summer!! As for me, well lets just say I've been keeping busy! Specially on my Social Networks... If you don't already know... I did get an Instagram && of course the addictive social network Pinterest ...

I don't know about everyone else but  I pin so many things on Pinterest but I never do ANY of it! Last week I decided to change that... I got together with one of my close friends and we had a DIY night.... We decided to make charm bracelets and I wanted to share with you how they turned out....

 What we used
 Charms, Yarn, Bracelets, Crazy Glue, Jumper rings
 I'm obsessed with Paris and photography and traveling so these charms were perf
 3 of my bracelets

 My friend Cindy was having a hard time with the yarn
 Cindy's Bracelets... I loved them

 My Bracelets!! 
I love how they turned out!! 

I used old bracelets that were either rusted or slightly bent... Totally gave them life again!! 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my DIY post!! 

Exes && Oh's