Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The songs I've had on REPEAT...

Hello Lovelies!!

So lately I have been on a Country Music kick... I am deeply obsessed with Miranda Lambert she's just amazing & her girl group Pistol Annies are so fuckin kick ass!!

In my opinion the songs you over play are the ones that you most relate to or can make you relive something or remind you of someone! I've been going through some things personally, that have been pretty tough to deal with.. So, what better therapy than MUSIC THERAPY?? lol I'm gonna leave you some songs that I've been obsessing over... Hopefully, I can make one of you a country music lover!! haha ;)

Miranda Lambert ... Over You

Miranda Lambert... Momma's Broken Heart

Sugarland.. STAY

Pistol Annies... I feel a Sin Comin' ON

Some of these songs are a little older... but EH... Who cares!! lol

Happy Tuesday Girls!!



Regine Karpel said...

I like Sugarland and Baby Girl!

Jessica said...

i dont really listen to country but she seems cool. hope things get better for you sweetie you got my # :) besos

GorJess23 said...

thank you so much pretty lady!!! xoxo