Sunday, January 27, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions

Hello lovely ladies!!

I know by now, you all know about influenster... I qualified for the Palmolive Fresh Infusions vox box and got 3 full size bottles of this awesome dish soap. I already used Palmolive dish soap at home on the regular. So when influenster sent me these soaps I knew I would love them! They smell so good!! I have been using these soaps for over 3 weeks now and it cuts grease easily and leaves your hands soft and smelling delicious.

I did share one of my soaps with my cousin. She has been using her dish soap for a week now and she absolutely loves it.

These Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soaps are originally priced at $2.99

I will definately be buying more of these dish soaps!!


((((INFLUENSTER sent me these items for FREE. My review is based on my experience with Palmolive and my HONEST OPINION.)))))

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Project Make Over #1

Hello Lovelies!!

My friends Cindy & Angie decided to unite forces and give one of Angie's co workers a makeover/makeup & hair 101 lesson... One thing I love about my friends is that they are all about Make Up & Hair like I am && they LOVE helping out others!! Angie's co worker which is a beautiful & nice girl that doesn't have a lot of knowledge about hair & makeup as other ladies, was kinda being picked on at work.. So, Angie being the wonderful person that she is, took her under her wing and that's where this journey began... I'm going to show you some Before/In the Process/&& after pictures...

Angie doing her thing!
Cindy doing her thing with Make up
Final Touches
What a difference hair and make up do huh?!
Angie, Fantasia, & Cindy
Remember girls, not all girls know how to apply make up or use a hair straightner... Instead of talking about eachother... LET'S HELP EACHOTHER!! Women should stick together!!
Hope you all enjoyed!! Til next time!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Lovelies,

I haven't kept up with the blog as much as I have been wanting too.... I've honestly, been beyond busy!! One of my New Year resolutions was to start doing more of the things I love... I have always been afraid of what people think/thought of me... So, I have let a lot of my passions slip away... Well, I finally got over that ((kinda)) and I began taking action on doing things that make me happy... One of those things is photography!! I took classes of photography and I've always been obssesed with it but I never picked up a camera or tried to do my own little "photoshoot" not that it would be any kind of professional but basically just to wet my feet...  Anywho.. My sister is getting married and I offered my "photography skills" for her save the dates... So, I thought I would share some of the photos I took!! I hope you enjoy them!! We live in Chicago so its freezing here! All the photos were taken outside so you can just imagine how cold we all were...


Hope you all enjoyed!! I have been planning my sisters bachelorette party and bridal shower.. She is getting married July 20th this year.. I'm so happy for her and my soon to be Brother In Law Steven.. They are the cutest couple!!

By no means do I think I am a professional photographer but I do think the pictures came out cute... ((They  haven't been photoshopped other than changing to sepia or black &white))

I'll be posting a make up post soon.. I have some cute ideas I'm working on!!

Exes & Oh's