Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dirty Little Secret TAG

Happy hump day lovelies!! So, I came across this tag on BetzysMakeUp blog && I liked it so I was like... What the heck why not do it!! ((No, I was not tagged... but eh, who cares!)) 

Photobucket       QUESTION TIME :)

1. What TV/Film show do you secretly watch?

I secretly watch Hoarders.. That show disgusts me, but I seriously can't stop watching!

2. What song do you secretly know all the words to?

This one is easy.. Call Me, Maybe? I can't help it but Jamm out to it whenever its on which is ALL THE TIME <3>

3. Who is the one "non-famous" person you'd secretly like to meet?

(Blogger/YouTuber related)

I'd love to meet all the girls I tag.. && RissRose and Monroe Misfits!! Monroe Misfits is the reason I love youtube!!

4. What is your worst bad habit?

Leaving hair on the side of my bathtub... I dunno why I do this!!! I clean the drain and just leave it on the side... I live alone so nobody sees it but me... Still, not something I'm proud of!!

5. What is the most expensive thing you own? Do you regret buying it?

My Scion TC.. Hell no, I don't regret buying it!! My car is super cute and worth the 4 long years it took to pay it off!!

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People that are always LATE!

7. What do you secretly like the smell of?

I love the way skunks & gasoline smell I know I'm weird!

8. What are you secretly lusting after?

A Nikon SLR Camera! Its been on my wishlist for YEARS!!

I tag






If you decide to do the tag... Let me know!! I'd love to read your dirty little secrets!! ;)


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Jessica said...

omg how funn!!! lol at ur most know lyric song.. what a cute tag..
thanks for tagging me doll. love ur more frequent post its fun right? haha