Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bright && Bold

Hey lovelys!! So... Summer is coming to an end, which is bittersweet for me because I absolutely love fall fashion! Boots, scarves, hoodies, && gloves are my favorite... It also means that I have to put away my bright lipsticks which I also love!! Once in a while I do let them make a cameo in the winter, but I usually stick to lipbalms and darker colors. Yesterday I felt like doing a bold color so I chose CoverGirl LipPerfection in "FLAME" I really do love these CoverGirl lipsticks! The pigmintation is amazing and they go on smooth. Here are some pictures I took wearing this beautiful color!

Fyi: you must use makeup remover to remove this lipstick because it does leave a stain on the lips.

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SWATCH OF THE LIPSTICK without and with lipgloss
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My lips of the day
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I need a better camera these pictures were taken on my cellphone.... The lighting is poor but you get the point! lol

Til next time!!
Jess XoXo


Jessica said...

hunny my whole blog is takin with my camera phone! lol not once have i used a reg camera besides the one on my tablet. i guess thats y my pics suc hahah.. but omggg HOT HOT HOTTT i flippen love this color on u!!!!! and ur hair looks great u look gorjess doll...

P.s they succ they are so streaky and dry matte!! i have two so far and they are the same you need more than one coat i do love the bright colors though and for free why not? haha

MZ.CYN said...

Love the color!! I have one Covergirl lipstick and I LOVE IT!!! It lasts over 8hrs! Love Love Love! I'm picking up this color next!